Apply different tones to identify SMS senders


  • Apply tones to more than one contact
  • Simple set-up procedure


  • Only supports .wav audio

Not bad

If you're a popular person and have a mobile phone, then the chances are you get quite a few text messages from different people throughout the day.

Rather than having to dig your phone out of your pocket to check who's just messaged you, why not apply a different tone for each of your contacts so that you can tell audibly who the SMS is from?

Well, the strangely-named OIST allows you to do just that. You can use it to quickly connect a tones or a sound to a particular contact in your phone's address book.

When you receive a message from that person you will instantly know who's just sent the message.

The program itself is a doddle to operate and requires minimal menu screens to set it up.

You just need to choose a contact, click 'Set Tone' and pick a sound from your memory. You can apply tones to more than one contact, explore your memory for tunes, restore default tones, among a few other different possibilities.

One of the major drawbacks of the program is that it only allows you to select . wav files, meaning that you can't link up contacts with all those MP3s sitting on your device.

This wouldn't be so bad if there was an audio converter attached to the software, but there isn't, so you'll need to convert them all to . wav on your PC and copy them back across.

OIST is a nice gimmick, and provided you remember which tones you set for which people, it's a good way of discovering who just messaged you without even picking up your phone.

OIST allows you to set individual SMS tones for your contacts, so you can identify each sender just by listening to the melody. The SMS tones you apply should be in .

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